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Your theory test will consist of two parts, 50 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. The pass mark for the multiple choice questions is 43/50. The pass mark for the Hazard perception test is 44/75. Both parts of this test are carried out on a computer. It’s essential that you pass both parts of the test, so that you can continue to book your practical driving test.

Part 1 – Multiple Choice

Before the theory test begins, you will be given on-screen instructions that explain how the test works. At this stage you can choose whether to take a practice session containing various multiple choice questions, which will help you get used to it. When the practice session ends, the real theory test will begin.

Each question will have several answer options, your job is to select the correct one! Some of the questions might need multiple answers.

If you’re unsure of a question, you can ‘flag’ it and return to it later! Once you’ve completed the multiple choice section, you can take a break of up to three minutes before starting your hazard perception test.

You have a maximum of 57 minutes to complete the questions.  The pass mark is 43 out of 50.

Part 2 – Hazard Perception

During this part of the test, you’ll be shown a short video clip on the computer that explains how the test works. When the test begins, you’ll be presented with 14 video clips of everyday road scenes and in each clip there will be at least one developing hazard. One of the clips will feature two developing hazards.

A hazard is defined by anything that makes you change your speed or direction. You must respond to the hazards by clicking the computer mouse.

To make sure that you gain a high score, you must click as soon as the hazard starts developing. The highest score that you can achieve for each clip is five. As in real life, you only get one chance to respond to a hazard, so in this part of the test, you can’t review any video clips.

The pass mark is 44 of of 75

When you’ve finished both parts of the theory test you can leave the examination room and collect your results from the test centre staff. This two part theory test costs £23 and can be taken at Castle Circus House, Torquay.

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