Covid 19 - Driving School South West

Covid 19

For your peace of mind please find the precautions all our Driving Instructors are taking regarding coronavirus to keep us all safe

1. Our cars have been deep cleaned, we will continue to do so on a regular basis.

2. All contact points on the cars will be anti-bacterial wiped before and after lessons. Pupils will wash their hands throughly before and after lessons, hand sanitiser will be available in the car.

3. Weather permitting driving lesson re-cap/plan and de-brief will be done outside of the car.

4. Well ventilated car at all times.

5. Face coverings will be worn by instructor and pupil (compulsory)

6. Both pupil and Instructor agree to participate in the Government’s Track and Trace system.

7. At the start of your lesson your Instructor will ask you a few questions, making sure you and your family are well, and you have not been in close contact with anybody who has Covid 19, displayed symptoms etc.

8. We are leaving longer gaps between lessons to ensure we have time to clean the cars throughly.

9. We are following the advice on Covid 19 from our Industry’s associations and the Governments advice.

10. Both instructor and pupil will avoid speaking face to face, it’s going to be strange but what this really means is with don’t make eye contact when speaking, we talk to the windscreen!

11. If pupil or instructor show any signs of Covid 19 the lesson will be stopped immediately.

Rest assured we are doing everything we can to stay safe, as lock down restrictions change we will act accordingly.

Stay safe and enjoy your lessons